Rally For Children

  A Non-profit Organization Serving the     Children of Fallbrook and Bonsall
          Since 1993
            2018 Rally for Children Board Pictured Above

Front row: Guity Balow (Community Projects), Nancy Ruis (Treasurer), Pat Dales (President), Lee Johnson (Secretary)
Back row: Bev DeVilbiss (Ways and Means), Brenda Carden (Vice President) Robin Parker (Membership)

President - Pat Dales - pat.dales@att.net
Vice President -Brenda Carden 
Secretary - Lee Johnson -leejohnson512@gmail.com
Treasurer - Nancy Ruis - jnruis@gmail.com
Ways and Means - Bev DeVilbiss
Community Projects - Guity Balow - guity1213@gmail.com
Membership - Robin Parker - robinparker54@roadrunner.com
Philanthropy - Maureen Bevans - maureenbevans7@gmail.com

Rally For Children
PO Box 2575
Fallbrook, CA 92088-2575

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